Elle King at Spokane County Fair & Expo Center

Elle King at Spokane County Fair & Expo Center Tickets

Spokane County Fair & Expo Center | Spokane, Washington

The iconic and truly talented country music artist ELLE KING has announced dates for her upcoming and all new 2022/2023 US tour. Elle is no stranger to the live scene and has an abundance of sell out tours under her wing. Her dominance on the scene and in the charts is testament to her unbelievable skill and dedication to her work…She never lets the fans down, they get exactly what they came for, a unique vibe and atmosphere, with those unfiltered and crisp notes, there is nothing quite like the experience that is a LIVE ELLE KING show…now see for yourself!

Elle has been up there with the country greats for the best part of 2 decades, she's given us some of the greatest hits of our time, and raked in handfuls of chart topping records to boot…now see the REAL THING on the 2022/2023 tour, when ELLE comes to WASHINGTON on her autumn, 2022/23 US tour!

ELLE, will play at none other than the AMAZING, Spokane County Fair & Expo Center of Washington on Wednesday 14th September 2022. We suspect tickets will be gone quicker than you can say BOOK! So secure a bunch right now by pressing on the little 'get tickets' link you'll see just above! Go on, after all, its been a long year hasn't it!

Elle King  at Elle King Tickets

Singer songwriter Elle King, IS BACK, fans CANNOT WAIT to hear her unique and epic tones once more for the groundbreaking 2022/2023 tour through North America. This modern legend and stunning country, blues songstress is originally from California, after releasing her first hit album in what seems a lifetime ago now back in 2005 she has come a LONG way….with multiple platinum selling albums and sell out tours under her wing, she's something of an icon in the industry and we won't ear any different!

You'll remember songs like “Good To Be A Man” and "Love stuff", there are so many hits that are like a merry go round in your head, so how about hearing those up to date bangers…live in action from the lady herself, amongst a sell out crowd!? "Worth a shot" and "Out yonder"? It'll be the stuff of dreams! Fans are already snapping up tickets and you'll be silly not to take advantage of grabbing your tickets right away!

Ellie will play at the incredible and probably BEST stadium Washington has to offer on the Autumn, 2022 North American tour…you've guessed it, Spokane County Fair & Expo Center, so scribble Wednesday 14th September 2022 in your planner now! Click on the 'GET TICKETS' link to grab your ELLE KING tickets right now!

Elle King  at Elle King Tickets

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