Elle King at Harrahs South Shore Showroom

Elle King at Harrahs South Shore Showroom Tickets

Harrahs South Shore Showroom | Stateline, Nevada

Do you remember the first time you ever heard Elle King on the radio? Can you recall the moment you saw Elle King in an iconic performance on television? Well, the time has come for you to finally catch this amazing act live! Elle King travels to Stateline, Nevada, and Elle King is graciously hosting what is sure to be nothing less than a fantastic night of incomparable hits, elaborate stage production, and a few surprises that will have everyone talking through 2023. Make your 2023 one for the ages by viewing this performance live and in the flesh! We make it possible and it’s literally seconds away. Click the ‘get tickets’ button and your seats are reserved and locked in!

Elle King at Elle King Tickets

Yes, Elle King should be enough of a reason for you to hit that button now! But if you are in search of other reasons, we’d say its the magnificent atmosphere! From the moment you set foot at the venue, through the waiting in line talking how awesome the gig will be with fellow fans, to the moment you take your spot and fervently wait for the light to go down, there is so much energy and excitement going around that the air is buzzing. The magnificent atmosphere will let you meet fellow Elle King fans and meet many new friends to share this emotion with. From waiting in line, to getting a drink at the many refreshment bars around the venue, you’ll have many opportunities to share your excitement with other fellow fans. And what a better place to make friends than Harrahs South Shore Showroom, Nevada’s favorite venue! It’s enough to say that Harrahs South Shore Showroom loves country music and has created everything a country fan could possibly want. So the talent on stage won’t be the only reason to love your visit to Harrahs South Shore Showroom, because they also offer perks that will make your Friday a special one.

Elle King at Elle King Tickets

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